Saturday, February 03, 2007

Shirveishyn Lughtyn-thie Manninagh: 03.02.07

Roish yn ard-reihys Mee Houney, shimmey politickeyr va loayrt mychione 'reiltys foshlit'. Nish, ta'n Reiltys er votal dy reayll follit y coardail va jeant lesh Shirveishyn Lughtyn-thie Manninagh. 'Reiltys foshlit', dy jarroo! Lhisagh shin moylley Allan Bell, y Shirveishagh Tashtee, son votal dy lhisagh fys ennagh ve currit magh mychione y coardail shoh. Phrow Brenda Cannell e cooid share, agh cha row Coonceil ny Shirveishee eer arryltagh dy chur magh quoid argid hooar Shirveishyn Lughtyn-thie Manninagh.
Lhisagh Reiltys Vannin stiurey kiarail son paitchyn ayns gaue, as cha nee colughtyn preevaadjagh. Ta Shirveishagh Lughtyn-thie Manninagh er hoilshaghey da'n teihll nagh dod ad livrey kiarail chiart. Shimmey skeeal agglagh ta goll mygeayrt mychione y colught shoh. Foddee nagh vel firrinys erbee ayns ny skeealyn shoh, agh lhisagh fys ve ec theay Vannin er ny reddyn va goll er as ta foast goll er. Er y chooid sloo, hooar Rheynn Slaynt as Shickyrys y Theay rey rish y cholught neuchummeydagh shoh, as s'mie shen, dy jarroo.
Bentyn rish jeeaghyn mysh paitchyn t'ayns gaue, t'eh jeeaghyn dy vel Reiltys Vannin currit da cur ram argid da colughtyn preevaadjagh son livrey drogh hirveishyn.
Ta Mannin braew aighoil nagh dug ym-ysseraght Hostyn monney geill da cooishyn myr shoh ayns Mannin. Er y gherrid, haink dunverys er daa phaitchey v'ayns kiarail, as va fer ny ghaa elley feddynit marroo. Cha nodmayd gra 'Co-phobble ta Kiarail' rish shen.


At 4:50 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

She jus 'Seyrsnys dy Vishaghey' son y sleih lajer berchagh.

At 5:50 PM, Blogger alex said...

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