Thursday, June 29, 2006

BNP ayns Mannin: 29.06.06

Bunnys shiaghtin er dy henney, haink sleih veih'n Phartee Ashoonagh Goaldagh dys Mannin. Dooyrt yn fer-toshee (!) oc, Nick Grifin, dy vel ad geearree cur y partee er bun ayns Mannin. T'ad laccal shirreyderyn dy ghoaill ayrn ayns ard-reihys Vannin ayns Mee Houney. T'eh jeeaghyn nagh vel ad er n'eddyn peiagh erbee choud as shoh ta arryltagh shen y yannoo. Ta mee treishteil dy jeean nagh vow ad peiagh erbee. Cha nel Mannin sy Vretyn Vooar - as, ga dy vel y lipaid shen orrym er egin, cha nel mish Goaldagh. She Manninagh mish.
Cha nel ny cretooryn shoh veih'n BNP jannoo red erbee ag greinnaghey feoh noi sleih ta doo, dhone ny bwee.


At 8:04 AM, Blogger Diarmuid said...

A Bhrian a chara!
Have a question for you..Is there a word like laccal existing in Gaeilge or Gaidhlig?..I am curious about it's etymology! Go raibh míle maith 'ad!

At 6:49 AM, Blogger peterbrooks1962 said...

I have a question and perhaps you can help me. A friend has a small brass medal with an enamelled pictured front which amongst other things features the manx tri-leg symbol, a strange horizontal zig-zag symbol and aroung the edge the words 'Ellan Vannin dy bragh'. The medal is a family heirloom from a lady who apparently served as a nurse at Verdun in 1916. What can you tell me about this?


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